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Understanding The Trend:Trash The Dress Weddings are considered one of the most memorable events in any person’s life. For many women, the wedding gown is the most expensive purchase they will ever spend. Nevertheless, many women are still planning to try on the growing trend of Trash The Dress. Trash the Dress is a growing popular photography trend which contrasts traditional elegance. Trash the dress is also known as “fearless bridal” and “rock the frock” photography style. The photography is often shot in various places that would’ve never been possible in a regular wedding photography, for example, beaches, city streets, on rooftops, fields, abandoned buildings, garbage dumps, or even on the edges of a cliff. The bride will be able to “ruin” the dress effectively getting it dirty, torn, wet, and to sometimes even burned while taking the images. Whenever planning for your wedding photography you want to be extra thoughtful. After all, you want your wedding to have the greatest memories which can bring you back to that day. To make their wedding photos unique and edgier, many brides are now going for Trash the dress wedding photos. According to experts, this wedding photography has become a work of art, creating powerful images which represents a completely unique beauty.
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Basics About Trash The Dress Wedding Photography
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The whole concept of Trash the dress is fairly new and many brides are still wanting to learn more about it. For example, some may want to know if the dress will be completely ruined. The important thing that you need to remember is that you have to discuss your plans with your photographer beforehand. Talking to your photographer will help you conceptualize the wedding photography concept, for example, keep the trashing to a minimum so you can still save your dress in the end. There are plenty of TTD concepts which works beautifully especially if you want to create a natural effect. For example, having fun at the beach or by a lake will certainly make your wedding dress dirty and wet but can still be cleaned afterwards. In other words, you want to be creative as much as possible and relay this to your wedding photography team to achieve the look, feel, and remembrance that you want to have. Prices for this type of photography varies from one photographer to another, as well as, the number of shots you want to take or the package the photographer offers. Most wedding photographers are experienced and trained to work with their clients on a concept. Nonetheless, some photographers may not be able to do this type of photography readily. To get the effects that you want to achieve, it is crucial communicate with your photographer well.